An integrated course to power your full learning potential

Tupoints Progressive Learning is a well researched self learning program designed to help a student not only complete the course study but also onward revision, regular practice on concepts and finally very effective exam preparation.

Measure what you learn ?

Tupoints has a comprehensive Test and Practice programme for CBSE and ICSE students. There are tests on each topic, chapter and subject with specific analytics on learning gaps. Tests are designed and developed by Tupoints experienced faculties for familiarizing and preparing a student for final exams.
Tupoints - a complete and affordable learning





  • Animated lesson videos
  • Unit Test

  • Model Test
  • Term Test
  • Learning gap analysis

  • Comparative analysis
  • Learn at your pace and time ; anywhere
    Enjoy learning with whatever device you use !
    How Tupoints is different from Conventional Learning ?

    Conventional Learning

    • No preclass study
    • Low student interaction
    • Low revision
    • Low practice efforts
    • Average preparation
    • Average score

    Tupoints Learning

    • Advance preparation
    • High student interaction
    • Thorough revision
    • Continuous practice
    • Exam ready
    • High score
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