What is Tupoints Progressive Learning?
    Tupoints Progressive Learning is a computer based self learning solution to study your entire syllabus from home. TPL is a complete learning package which explains all related concepts in a simple manner clarifying all doubts, allows you to practice those concepts online and offline, offers you mock tests to prepare you well for the exams well ahead of others. TPL allows you to study at your convenience from any place having computer connection..
What is a Product ID/key?
    When you subscribe to TPL, you are given a DVD which will have product key written or printed over it.Product key IS A 16 digit code used in the process of activation of TPL content.
What is a Client?
    A Client is a software provided by Tupoints to access and use TPL content on one’s desktop or laptop. It can be downloaded following specific instructions.
What is online practice?
    Tupoints has it’s own online practice program which has different modules such as “Ready Test”, “Smart Test” and “Create Test”. Depending upon subscription, a student is allowed to access those programs and practice online at one’s ease, convenience and to one’s practice needs.
I have received the tupoints DVDs. How do I activate the tupoints subscription in my PC which is connected to the internet?
  1. Install the software from the DVDs by following the guidelines mentioned during the setup process.
  2. Login using the email address in which the order has been placed.
  3. On your first login, it would ask you for the product id. Please enter the product id mentioned inside the DVD case and click on Activate.
I have received the tupoints DVDs. How do I activate the tupointssubscription in my PC which is NOT connected to the internet?
  1. Install the software from the DVDs by following the guidelines mentioned during the setup process.
  2. Click on Register to create a tupoints user profile on the computer. Please make sure that you use the same email address to which your order has been linked.
  3. After you register, enter your Product Key in the next screen.
  4. An Activation Request Id would be generated and displayed to you in the next screen.
Subscriptions & Validity
How do I subscribe to TPL?
  1. In order to buy TPL, one has to make payment first..
  2. For payment, have various online and offline options.
  3. You can choose to pay using either Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Net Banking / Bank Transfer / Cheque / Demand Drafts / Cash on Delivery etc.
How do I know that my payment transaction through your website is secure?
    We accord very high priority to the security of payment transactions through our website. Our internal network is very secure and trustworthy for payments. Apart from exercising our own professional internal controls,we have partnered with a leading global authority of SSL certifications -
How do I get access to TPL content after I have made payment?
  1. After you make the payments, we guarantte you access to TPL content. You may follow few simple steps below to access the content-
  2. 1.login to the website with your registered email ID.
    2.Click in "subscription.
    3.Click on "activate" mentioned under "pending subscription".
    4.Click on "Free trial" to either view your subscription online or download it.
What is the time period I am authorised to use subscribed TPL content?
    TPL package bought by you generally carries one year time period for free access.. You are encouraged to confirm the validity period of the package you are subscribing to by checking the 'Details' of the package. After the expiry of this period, you will not be able to access the content unless you choose and subscribe it again.
Can I cancel my subscription?
    No. TPL once bought over, cannot be cancelled.
Online Access
How can one access TPL online?
    For online TPL access, there is no need of downloading Tupoints software and it’s installation. But one must have internet access through out the period of use of TPL. Once a student subscribe to TPL online, the student is allotted a username and password and TPL account is activated. The student can later change the password and continue accessing TPL by logging into Tupoints system whenever one wants to study.
Difference between Tupoint online and Free trail?
    Tupoint online doesn't require downloading of the chapters, user will get immediate access to his subscription and doesn't requires unlimited download internet. Free trial requires downloading of the content hence need unlimited download internet. Chapters once downloaded can be view even in offline(without internet).
Is there a way that I can test and feel Tupoints before I make up my mind to subscribe to TPL?
    Offcourse. You can try our free trial package without subscription for 10 days and then may decide whether to subscribe it or not. You can go for the 10 day free trial to the entire subscription.
How can I use Tupoints online from different computers?
    When you subscribe to Tupoints, you get authorized for single user account. Tupoints online can be accessed from different computers but it can be accessed from only one computer at a time. If the user tries to log into Tupoints online from different computers at the same time, it will not work.
What is the size of the tupoints Software?
  1. Each class of tupoints software is approximately 1.25GB. Depending upon your subscription the download may vary..
  2. The download of Tupoints software is required to be done only once at the time of it’s installation and activation of TPL.
What do I do if I face problems in downloading Tupoints software?
  1. Usually, there should not be any problem in downloading Tupoints software. Most often, the cause of delay or failure in downloads are due to to a slow internet connection or network security. Despite following the download instructions, if you face any problem in the download, you may call our helpline for assistance or mail us at support@Tupoints.com
What are the minimum system requirements for running tupoints?
  1. PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
  2. Optional Internet Connection
  3. Speakers, built-in or separate
  4. Computer with at least a 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM.
  5. Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
  6. Recommended color depth of 32bits.
  7. 200 mb of minimum hard disk space for the application and the sample packages.
  8. Maximum hard disk space required depends on the number of packages subscribed