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Tests & practice

Tupoints Progressive Learning is a well researched self learning program designed to help a student not only complete the course study but also aids in onward revision, regular practice on concepts and nally very eective exam preparation.

With Tupoints

It just takes 1 hour a day of study to complete whole science and Maths in two months

  •   Pre-class self study for advance preparation
  •   Keeps one ahead of the normal learning curve
  •   Helps quick course study and revision
  •   Helps higher practice and proficiency
  •   Helps effective exam preparation
  •   Helps score high in exams

Research shows that the students normally have very little or no knowledge about the concepts before those are taught to them in the class first time. During the class, they struggle to understand the concepts fully and thus are hesitant and not confident enough to interact effectively to clarify all doubts. Similarly, there is very little quality support available to students after regular class study for revision and practice on concepts and final exam preparation.

TPL hand-holds students through complete learning process. It not only focuses on regular study but also on advance preparation well ahead of class, proper revision, regular practice and final exam preparation and finally makes them exam-ready.

Parents gets full contol over child learning development

Spend just 1 hour a week

What we Offer

Rich Animated Lessons

Multimedia Videos

Multumedia videos consist of visual and digital display of currriculum lessons

Examples represent animated clarication of instances of concepts underlying various lessons

Experiments include situational apllication of concepts under various lessons.

Test and Practice

Continuous Practice

Continuous practice includes test modules devloped for self practice using Tupoints question bank
Model Exam Tests

Formal tests and model tests are designed and developed by Tupoints faculties for familiarizing and preparing a student for nal exams
Performance Evaluation

This module consists of various testwise and consolidated reports about a student's performance in tests and also highlights the recommended course of action


How Tupoints is diffenent from Conventional Learning ?

Conventional Learning Tupoint Learning
Pre Class Study Low focus
High focus. Advance preparation
Class Study High Focus.Low student interaction No revision
High Focus. High student interaction.
Full revision.
Revision Low revision
Thorough revision
Regular Practice Low practice efforts
High practice efforts Continuous
evaluation and feedback.
Exam Preperation Average preparation
High preparation. Exam ready
Result Average score
High score

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Ready Test

for regular Test

"Ready Test is a collection of CBSE Tests for students. Ready Tests are carefully prepared by our experienced faculty and exactly suit the practice needs of the students

  • Tests on each chapter for regular practice.
  • Follows exam pattern and grading scheme
  • Offers instant numerical and graphical test result and grade
  • Offers performance analytics on past 12 tests comparatively